Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WordPress WTF??

Ok, since WordPress wanted to deactivate my other site The Window Seat I guess I'll have to revive this site again. The main reason I decided to stop posting on this site is because everything I posted most of the world already knew from more accredited sites. Basically, it was pointless. With that said I or may not bring back this site, but I won't keep the or anything. This site will be a continuation of Window Seat which was the intriguing site. I'm still not sure what the exact reasoning is behind WS being shutdown but I'm hoping its not permanent. Here's what THEY said:

This blog has been deactivated because we believe it does not comply with the WordPress.com Terms of Service or advertising policy.
If your blog is designed to promote affiliate links, get rich quick programs, banner ads, consists solely or mostly of duplicate or automatically generated material, or is part of a search engine marketing campaign, WordPress.com is not the place for you. Please use the Export feature to move your content to a more appropriate hosting service.
Occasionally we make mistakes. If you believe we have misclassified your blog, please click here to contact us as soon as possible so we can fix the problem.

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